Torn Photos Series


If iI Open a Door and Go. Oil on paper mache.45×50 cm. 2014

Once Upon a Time. Acrylic and oil on canvas. 70×100 cm. 2014

Creased I. Oil on canvas. 86×126 cm.2011

Peker Art Prize, Çankaya Municipality Contemporary Art Center. Exhibition

Creased IV. Oil on plywood. 80×84 cm. 2012

Yellow Hopes on the Poured Walls. Oil on canvas. 90×100 cm. 2014

Do not Tilt Your Eyelashes. Acrylic and oil on canvas. 80×100 cm. 2014

Melancholy. Mix technique on paper mache.52×55 cm. 2014

As Long as the Jewel on the Left Side of Your Chest Doesn’t Lose its Luster! Acrylic on canvas. 30×30 cm. 2013

Broken III. Oil on plywood. 70×95 cm. 2011

Broken IV. Oil on plywood. 85×100 cm. 2012

My Heart is a Green Sadness. Acrylic and oil on canvas. 70×100 cm. 2014

Torn Photo II. Oil on canvas. 110×120 cm. 2010

Torn Photo III. Oil on canvas. 120×84 cm. 2011

Torn Photo VI. Oil on canvas. 90×130 cm. 2011

Torn Photo. Oil on canvas. 110×100 cm. 2009