Former Works


Phoenix. Oil on canvas. 70×50 cm. 2009

Osteoporosis. Acrylic and oil on canvas. 90×80 cm. 2009
6th International Painting Competition of Ege Hasta Derneği. Mention

Depression. Oil on canvas. 120×90 cm. 2004

Diagonal. Oil on canvas. 120×100 cm. 2004

Lost. Oil on canvas. 100×140 cm. 2002
30th DYO Painting Prize 

Figure Group. Oil on canvas 100×80 cm. 2002
Prof. Basri Erdem Collection

Physalia. Oil on canvas.140×78 cm.2000

Monochrome. Oil on canvas. 70×90 cm. 2003

In a Late Hour. Oil on press canvas. 50×35 cm.2005

Untitled. Oil on press canvas. 40×30 cm.2005

Those Who are Waiting. Oil on canvas. 120×125 cm. 2003

Red Composition. Oil on canvas. 100×120 cm. 2004

Decalcomania. Mixed technique on canvas. 93×68 cm. 2004

Sit in the Armchair. Oil on canvas. 120×90 cm. 2004

Blue Bird. Oil on canvas. 100×120 cm. 2009

Yellow Composition. Oil on canvas. 96x 115 cm. 2003

Boundaries. Oil on canvas. 90×90 cm. 2008
2nd International Luis A. Noboa Naranjo Museum Painting Biennial, Ecuador.

Nude in Green. Oil on canvas. 70×100 cm. 2001