Chiaroscuro Series


Don’t Open the Windows. Oil on canvas. 90×125 cm. 2015

The Expected Ferry. Oil on shaped cardboard. 34,5×49,5 cm.2015

Spring Behind Shaded Stone Walls. Oil on canvas. 125×90 cm. 2016

Daydreams. Oil on canvas. 80×100 cm. 2016

Beside the Truth. Oil on shaped cardboard. 33,5×50 cm.2015

Air is Heavy as Lead. Oil on shaped cardboard. 34,5×50 cm. 2015

Man Is Similar To The City He Lives In. Oil on canvas. 60×80 cm. 2017

The Station is Silent. Oil on canvas. 90×125 cm. 2015

While Everything Darkens Slowly. Oil on special surface. 52×52 cm. 2015

I’m All Ears. Oil on canvas. 116×145 cm. 2015

This City Resembles to You. Oil on shaped cardboard. 33,5×49,5 cm. 2015

You are Istanbul. Oil on canvas. 80x100cm.2016

The Chaos of the City on my Shoulders. Oil on canvas. 90×125 cm. 2015

Uneasy Dreams. Oil on canvas. 90×115 cm. 2016

Ferries are Passing by, Across Me, Haydarpasa.Oil on canvas. 90×125 cm. 2016

Alone. Oil on canvas.120×80 cm. 2015.
3rd Yunus Ensari Art Prize, Platform A Art Gallery. Exhibition


Reflections. Oil on canvas. 60×80 cm. 2017